Saturday, November 13, 2010

any questions???

questions about anything can be posted here.....

any other concerns:


  1. Ok... what do you recommend for itchy scalp? (my latest issue)

  2. for an itchy scalp you can try using natural pure oils. Tea Tree oil for example. Just apply some to the scalp and massage. It's a natural antiseptic and can clear up some of the build up causing itch....hope that helps!

  3. but it also could be a reaction to your products....try temporarily switching one of them and see if the itch is gone. if you know for sure its not your products look into your washing techniques...make sure to REALLY get into your scalp when you use shampoo and or conditioner. Remember to use only the finger pads and not your nails. It also could be product build up...make sure to clarify with a SLS shampoo every 1-2 months to really get your hair clean. dirty hair will cause itch and lessen curl definition...hope THAT helped! =)