Thursday, November 11, 2010

Curls for LESS??!??

I know some peoples definition of cheap differs from person to person.
So I thought that I would share MY definition of cheap.

As I have said before I'm a teenager:
NO source of income.
 I get NO allowance
And everytime I ask my parents for money they say NO!

So my goal is to get enough products that work, but at a reasonable price so my parents can get them for me and they have to be able to LAST.

Im majorly cheap...

so for me the most that I will ever spend on a product is $15! I have some products that are more than that, (Carol's Daughter Hair Milk) but thats just because my mom was in a extremly giving mood!

But trust me the only time I will ever get a product as pricy as $15 is if I know that it is going to last!!!!!!

So my goal is to find inexpensive products, that will last me a few months!


  1. Hey there, I thought this was the cutest post! I understand completely how it feels to be a broke teenager wanting to buy hair supplies! I loved how you expressed yourself. I am now following your blog. Feel free to return the love as we can both learn from each other! :-)