Thursday, November 11, 2010

You Can Call Me "A!"

Here's all the information you could ever know about my hair!:

  • I'm an african american with (quote-unquote) african american hair but it curls so im happy!
  • I have been natural all my life but last year I took a step in taking better care of my hair
  • I have suffered from excessive heat damage
  • My hair is shoulder length in its curly state
  • My hair when flat ironed it is about bra strap length
  • I love Wash n go's (not sure what that is? comment)
  • I love the whole wet look of hair!
  • I am always looking for new products
  • I have different hair textures ALL OVER MY HEAD
  • My hair type is not on the hair chart of the Naturally Curly website
  • I am not all that into protective styling
  • I love to do wash and go's
  • I have been desperatly trying to get 2nd and 3rd day hair
  • I can't get 2nd day hair because I barely get first day hair!
  • I am open to answer any questions!

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