Friday, November 12, 2010

Curly Christmas List!

Well the best way to save money on curls is to ask for the products for Christmas!!!!

So here is my Curly Girl Christmas List!:

- Denman D3 Brush:

Is supposed to be great for detangling as well as styling and 
defining curly hair! The D3 has 7 row of bristles but for more 
finer hair you can opt for the D4 which has 9 rows of bristles. 
They can be kind of expensive, ranging from about 8-15 dollars
 which is pricey for a brush . But some curlies say its a staple 
of theirs! View it here. But if you don't trust it's also here on Amzon
! Both cheaper than the asking price at the Beauty Supply!
There's also knockoffs by Goody and Conair which retail for 
around $4.00.  

-Sue Maesta Hooded Headband:

 Also a staple for a lot of curlies. It is currently only sold at Ricky's
 in New York City.  However you can order it online here in black
and a variety of other colors. It is  $12.99 which is really expensive
especially because it "feels like a pantyhose" (AFRICANEXPORT)
But it has been reported by other YouTube natural hair vloggers to
be very versatile and also help to preserve curls at night.  Here is 
Taren916's video of her night routine with the hooded band. And
here she is  again with some cute styles you can do with the band.

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