Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Girl Behind The Curl!

Hello curlies!

This is the first of a very long run of blog postings! Thought that I would start off with a little bit of background!

I am a teenager.

NO I am not mixed with another type of ethnicity!
NO I have never had a perm, texturizer or relaxer before!
NO I do not have a specific hairtype!
YES I am African American!
but do I think that means you can't have curly hair NO!

I am here to suggest products, give people ideas and recommedations WITHOUT spending alot of money!

Like I said before I am a teenager, so i have no type of income but I do feel that I can help curly people.

We may not have the same hair texture...
We may not be going through the same hair issues...
But I feel that you can learn from other people no matter what their hairtype is!

We're helping eachother! So feel free to comment, reply and ask questions and I will help the best that I can! :)

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