Friday, December 10, 2010

IC FANTASIA -Product Review

so i tried this gel because I was all out of my famed Eco Styler Gel and Target doesn't sell Eco!

P.S to any Target reps out should strongly consider stocking up on Eco Styler because it is the bomb!

Anyways I tried the Olive Oil one with the sparkle lites

I like this product and with the Shea Moisture under neath i got no crunch!

While my hair did get muy excellente shine from the was a little more than I wanted to pay for it..
don't get me wrong...this stuff is cheap! but eco styler is a little bit cheaper and in my opinion gives a better hold

And I felt as if my curls were defined but they began to lose their shape by the end of the day...that could have been that i used a little to much shea moisture though!

Well thats all I gotta say for now...Ta-Ta for now curlies!!!

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